3 Ways to Boost Frozen Treat Sales in Your Store

Frozen yogurt spoons

Ice cream is one of the most favored desserts in the United States. In fact, the average person in the United State will consume ice cream 28.5 times in the span of a year. Considering that, it’s important to make sure that your grocery store is prepared to sell as much ice cream as possible. Here are three ways to boost frozen treat sales in your grocery store.

  1. Place Cones and Spoons Near Ice Cream Aisle

    Many people who enjoy ice cream love pairing it with a few special items. This means it’s wise to include additional frozen treat supplies directly next to the ice cream section of your store. Many customers want to be able to get their items in a grocery store as fast as possible. Considering that, placing ice cream cones and plastic spoons near the frozen treat aisle entice customers to make a few impulse buys. In addition, placing syrups near this aisle works well for customers wanting to make their own ice cream sundaes.
  2. Use Displays to Keep Customers Enticed

    One of the best ways to get customers to your store’s ice cream section is by utilizing displays. Most grocery stores have frozen aisles that are lined with heavy shelving. It’s understandable that you can’t move ice cream freezers to the front of your store. That being said, you can use displays to get customers moving to the frozen treats section. It’s especially wise to include mentions of any new flavors that customer might not know about.
  3. Consider Purchasing Other Types of Frozen Treats

    Customers visiting a supermarket love having options. It’s true that many people love going to a grocery store to purchase supplies for ice cream sundaes. That being said, if you find that ice cream sales are slowing, it might be time to include other types of frozen treats in your store. At the end of 2013, it was estimated that there were 2,582 frozen yogurt stores in business. Ice cream is a favorite among many but that doesn’t mean that you should only offer this treat. Consider purchasing other desserts including frozen yogurt and gelato to offer something for everyone.

In summary, there are several ways to boost ice cream sales in your retail location. Many customers love making treats with this frozen dessert, especially ice cream sundaes. Considering that, it’s wise to include items including spoons and syrups near the ice cream aisle to increase sales of these additional items. Many grocery managers utilize advertising displays to entice customers to a certain area of the store. With that in mind, ordering and advertising new frozen yogurt and gelato products may help drive sales growth.

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