How Much Do You Know About Peanuts? Here Are a Few Facts About This Popular “Nut”

Protein in roasted peanuts

During the early1900s, Dr. George Washing Carver discovered more than 300 different uses for the peanut plant. Currently, Americans consume various peanut products. This includes the ever-popular peanut butter, which is enjoyed in about 90% of all American households. Peanuts are also one of America’s favorite nuts, as 67% of all nuts consumed in this country are peanuts. It’s interesting to note, however, that peanuts are actually a legume rather than a nut.

The United States produces four types of peanuts:

  • Runner
  • Spanish
  • Valencia
  • Virginia

When it comes to the health facts about peanuts, protein is at the top of the list. Each serving of peanuts can provide 15% of the Reference Daily Intake of protein. Furthermore, just one ounce of raw peanuts contains 7.3 grams of protein and 2.4 grams of fiber, which makes peanuts a high protein snack. Peanuts also have vitamins and other nutrients such as potassium. There are, of course, other health facts about peanuts available at nutrition sites.

While many people like to eat peanuts raw or roasted with or without salt, others prefer peanut butter. According to the National Peanut Board, in order to fill a 12-ounce container of peanut butter, it will take around 540 peanuts! The National Peanut Board also reports that 60% of people within the United States prefer smooth rather than chunky peanut butter. It’s not unusual for some peanut butter lovers to alternate between chunky and smooth. For others, the chunkier the better!

It’s important to note that the law ensures that each jar of peanut butter contains 90% peanuts. Some peanut butter contains an even larger percentage of peanuts. This is especially the case when customers can make real peanut butter themselves at various specialty markets. In addition to selling peanuts in bulk bins, these markets also provide plastic containers and a grinder. Some shops encourage their customers to bring in their own containers, which is an important eco-friendly practice.

Thanks to the efforts of the “Peanut Wizard,” Dr. George Washington Carver, we have peanut butter and other peanut products. Given this “nut’s” versatility, it can be used as a nutritious ingredient for so many different dishes, from cookies to spicy noodle dishes and more.

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