The 4 Health Benefits of Eating Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine

When most people think of Mexican cuisine, they think about fried tortilla chips, salsa, dishes dripping with cheese and loaded with sour cream. A typical dinner at a “Mexican restaurant” means a night of overindulgence and unhealthy food. The thing is that while Mexican food is, by far, the most popular international cuisine in the United States, at least one in every ten restaurants serves Mexican dishes and salsa has surpassed ketchup in popularity, most people are not at all familiar with authentic Mexican food.

If we really understood what authentic Mexican food is, we would see how healthy it is. Here are some ways eating at a Mexican restaurant can be good for your health and your waistline:

  • There is a lot of fiber in Mexican food. Many Mexican dishes are packed with fiber because they are packed with beans. They have pinto beans and black beans. Both kinds of beans are loaded with fiber. Many people struggle with getting enough fiber into their diets and the results are digestive problems such as constipation. Getting whole beans with your Mexican dishes (or any place else) is the best way to go. Fried or refried beans do not have the same amount of fiber as steamed beans. The steamed version of beans can get you seven grams of fiber. Not too shabby!
  • Many Mexican dishes have a ton of vitamins and minerals. These are stables in Tex Mex and traditional Mexican foods but no meal at a Mexican restaurant is complete without a full compliment of lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Salsa is very healthy and adds nothing but flavor and nutrients to your meal. Lettuce is another great provider of fiber. Tomatoes are loaded with vitamin C. Onions add more vitamin C. If you go for the guacamole, you will get more potassium, fiber and good unsaturated fat, all due to the avocados. It has been found that people who eat a diet rich in avocados have lower cholesterol levels than people who do not eat the tasty treats.
  • Mexican dishes can be a great way to get capsaicin into your life. Capsaicin is marketed in pain relieving gels and creams to ease muscle pain. Jalapeno peppers are loaded with the substance and they are found in most Mexican meals. Pain relief is not the only use for capsaicin. Eating spicy foods has, for a long time, been seen as a way to boost the metabolism. It has also been found to lower people’s cholesterol and blood pressure. It has been known to improve a person’s circulation. It can also offer help to people who are suffering from the common cold as it can help with the congestion that so often comes along with a cold.
  • You can get a lot of protein in your meals. People need protein for a number of reasons. When you eat at a Mexican restaurant, you can get a decent amount of healthy protein. Many Mexican dishes have healthy chicken, beef, pork, seafood and fish. This can give you an energy boost and help you keep your tissues and muscles healthy and happy. It is important to order the right kind of protein when you place your order. You can skip the fried meats. These are the ones that are usually found in carnitas. They will add more saturated fat and no one needs that. It can also add sodium and many people are trying to avoid that in their foods.

If you live in the Unites States, you may think you know what authentic Mexican food is but many people really have no idea. Not all real Mexican food is served swimming in cheese. Most people do not sit down at home with a platter of fried tortilla chips before they eat dinner.

If you are looking for an authentic experience, order corn tortillas rather than flour. Pick items on the menu that are made via more healthy methods. If you eat like the Mexicans really eat when you go to a Mexican restaurant, you will find that you can have a great meal that is is also good for your health and will help you lose some weight at the same time.

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