8 Popular Italian Desserts You Have to Try

Sfogliatelle: This distinctive Italian ricotta-filled pastry is formed from a flaky spaghetti dough rolled out exceptionally thinly.

Pizzelle Italiano: These flat, crisp waffle cookies are perfect for ice cream sandwiches. Alternatively, you can dunk these sweets in hot cocoa or coffee to sate your noon sweet hunger.

Torrone: This is one of the best Italian food nearby. The egg whites that bind the soft, chewy nougat are sweetened with honey and sugar.

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Standard Tiramisu: This traditional tiramisu recipe features layers of ladyfingers covered in mascarpone cream, grated chocolate, and a coffee syrup flavored with rum. It is rich and fluffy and impossible to resist.

Cranberry Almond Biscotti: These crunchy, soft biscotti with nutty flavors are packed with almonds and dried cranberries and go great with tea or coffee.

Traditional Italian Cookies: These stunning cookies are pretty simple to create and will impress your visitors.

Pine Nut Cake from Italy: This cake is similar to a blondie in that it is dense, sweet, and moist, but the pine nuts make it far more elegant and decadent.

Gelato with chocolate and homemade ice cream cones: When you have a delicious Italian dessert at your disposal, there’s no need to run out and buy ice cream. Serving your gelato in handcrafted, crispy cones will elevate it a notch.


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