Three Tasty Types of Hummus

Recipes with hummus

Did you know that the earliest hummus recipes originated in Egypt during the 13th century? Although hummus spread has been commonly consumed for approximately 800 years, it did not become popular in the United States until the 1990s. This is because the Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990, and the Armenian migration brought hummus to the United States. Fortunately, hummus is now a staple in American cuisine, and there are several types of hummus spread available.

1. Classic hummus dip. The main ingredient in classic hummus is mashed chickpeas. These chickpeas are then mixed with tahini and garlic, both of which contribute to the traditional taste of hummus. Since classic hummus has a distinct flavor and can be eaten with nearly any type of food, it is possible to create many recipes with hummus.

2. Roasted garlic hummus dip. This hummus spread emphasizes the garlicky flavor of classic hummus. This form of hummus adds an abundance of roasted garlic to classic hummus, which gives the hummus a richer, deeper taste. Since garlic is often considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world due to its unique dietary components, hummus nutrition increases with the inclusion of roasted garlic.

3. Spicy hummus dip. If you are someone who has a palate for piquant taste, then spicy hummus is right for you. Spicy hummus includes red peppers and jalapeno peppers, both of which add zest to any food. Since peppers contain healthy amounts of Vitamins A, B6, and C, adding them to hummus significantly enhances hummus nutrition.

Although hummus is a relatively new food in the United States, there are many types of this spread available. Classic, roasted garlic, and spicy, for example, are all flavorful choices. Since each type of hummus has its own unique flavor, it is possible to find multiple options that are right for you. Research more like this.

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