What Do Astronauts Eat?

Freeze dried food manufacturers

Being an astronaut does entail certain sacrifices — more specifically, you’re highly unlikely to enjoy a cheeseburger while in space. Wonderpolis gives it to us straight: “No one delivers pizza in space. It’s sad but true. If you want to grow up to be an astronaut someday, don’t do it for the fancy meals!” What are meals like in the shuttle, then? Astronauts give us some sought-after answers.

Classic Sandwiches Are A No-Go

There are problems with bringing breads and sandwiches — at least as we know them — into space. That’s not to say astronauts haven’t tried. “Astronauts snuck corn beef sandwiches on board, though were later reprimanded when floating crumbs became an issue,” Listverse reports. Freeze drying technology and freeze dried food suppliers, however, make a lot of previous impossible things plausible. With freeze dried fruit and vegetables, or even freeze dried yogurt drops, astronauts can add cold or hot water to enjoy tasty and nutritional meals.

With Some Adjustments, Astronauts Can Use Condiments!

Do you think it is impossible to use mustard and ketchup in space? Think again! “Astronauts can also use condiments, like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, in packets to add flavor. Salt and pepper can be used, too, but they have to be used in a liquid form because otherwise the grains would just float away,” Oddee explains.

Are Freeze Dried Foods The Next Big Thing?

Soon, freeze dried fruit and vegetables (and other freeze dried food options) may not be for astronauts only. Companies are also marketing the products toward hikers, outdoorsmen and women, and even “people concerned about inflation, terrorist attacks, or natural disaster,” Oddee continues. Some countries are even consuming large amounts of freeze dried bugs for an inexpensive source of protein.

Eating in space is very different. Astronauts add hot or cold water to powdered or shriveled freeze dried foods (but enjoy most condiments!). Now others, including hikers and the paranoid or prepared, will share in their experience.

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