Five Best Hummus Dip Recipes to Make This Summer

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It is officially summer now and you’ve been thinking about throwing a family day get together at the lake house. However, you and your family have all been thinking about eating healthier this season. What better way to enjoy delicious food while staying healthy than having a few varieties of hummus dips on the table for all to enjoy?

What is hummus? Hummus is an Arabic word that means “chickpeas.” For Americans, the word “hummus” is “hummus bi tahini” in Arabic, meaning “chickpeas with tahini.” The increasingly popular dip has it’s origins in Middle Eastern countries which include Palestine, Yemen, Egypt, and Israel. Traditionally, hummus recipes are topped with olive oil, a sprinkling of paprika, and chopped parsley — but that doesn’t mean hummus dips need to be boring.

Below are five popular hummus recipes that you and your family can enjoy without having to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing.

  1. Beet: If you’re trying to sneak in some extra vitamins and minerals into your family’s diet, then look no further than this shockingly violet hummus dip. Beets are high in folic acid (giving it’s color) and iron. For a quick dip, purchase a container of regular hummus dip and puree it with one cup of beats.
  2. Lemon Ginger: Need something a bit more oriental and zesty on the table? Add some fresh ground ginger and fresh squeezed lemon juice to your traditional hummus dip. Stir until well combined and enjoy with fresh veggies.
  3. Roasted tomatoes: For a bold, rich Italian flavor, add half a cup of slow roasted tomatoes to one can of garbanzo beans. Add two tablespoons of garlic and 1/4 cup of tahini sauce and puree in a food processor. Add lemon juice and olive oil to finish off the dish.
  4. Basil Pesto: Continuing the Italian-flavored trend, there is nothing better than basil pesto hummus at an outdoor party. Add one can of chickpeas, five tablespoons of fresh basil leaves, two tablespoons of pesto, two garlic cloves, and lemon juice into a blender and puree. Finish off with sea salt and olive oil.
  5. Tahini: Heading back to the original Middle Eastern flavors, tahini hummus dip is as traditional as it gets. In a food processor, combine one can of chickpeas, one garlic clove, fresh lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of tahini. Add paprika, olive oil, and sea salt. You guests will love the zesty, rich flavors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different herbs and spices. Just about anything can be incorporated. For more hummus recipes, find your inspiration online.

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