Eating Better Never Looked or Tasted This Good

Edible rose petals

Eating healthy is not just a trend anymore. More and more people are making the switch to a healthier diet to feel better and receive all the other benefits that come with putting the right foods into your body. Going green just doesn?t apply to using clean energy and recycling anymore. A vegan diet has become a much more common thing among people, especially with the use of documentaries that expose the truth about processed food coming out much more frequently than in the past. Just because you have a vegan diet doesn?t mean that your food has to be bland and uninteresting. There are layers of flavors that can be added to your food that will not only help make it taste better, but can also make it look as good as it will taste. You can make your meal look and taste better with the help of a little thing called micro green varieties. Micro green varieties are young vegetables that are used to enhance the flavor and look of your food and is also used as an ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants.

Adding microgreens to salads can help to make it tastier and a lot easier to eat down if you are new to a vegan diet or you just started eating better. Edible flowers for salads are also a good way to improve your meal and keep you on your healthy eating habits. Micro green varieties such as edible blossoms and edible crystalized rose petals can also be used to spice up a meal and make them delicious. Not only will they make the food taste great, but it will look amazing too. Edible flowers for cake decorating can be an awesome addition to your sweets when you want to add a little bit of extra flare for that Instagram or Snapchat picture you want to share with all of your followers on social media.

When it comes to food presentation or plating, children prefer 6 food colors and 7 different food components while adults prefer 3 colors and 3 food components. There are perhaps 100 types of common garden flowers that are both edible and palatable. For best results, microgreens should be stored at an optimal temperature of 4 degrees Celsius or 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Microgreens have been around for 20-30 years. Microgreens are generally rated on a scale ranged from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). A marketability threshold is 3 and up (on the visual quality scale). A rating of less than three designates an unmarketable product. The upscale segment of the restaurant industry makes up approximately 10% of total U.S. restaurant sales. Visits to fine-dining restaurants were up 3% in the past year (meaning there were thousands, if not millions, more Americans dining in upscale restaurants). According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), households with incomes of $100,000 or higher are responsible for 36% of the total spending on food away from home. One of the largest and most active Flickr groups, called ?I Ate This,? includes more than 300,000 photos that have been contributed by more than 19,000 members. The average fine dining cost per person in the U.S. amounts to $28.55.

Eating healthy is great. Eating healthy and having beautiful and delicious food is even better. Micro green varieties are a great way to get the nutrition you need along with a great taste and even better look. Use them now to add an extra kick to your next meal.

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