Have You and Your Friends Ever Taken a Weekend Trip to a Winery?

Your college girlfriends have been looking forward to this weekend for months. Eight months to be exact. After getting to spend part of a day together about a year ago at a wedding, you and your college classmates were determined to make sure that you did not let another year go by without seeing each other again. The very day, in fact, the five of you pulled out your calendars and set a date when you would get together again. One of the girls in the group has taken trips to several wineries and she suggested a place that all of you would enjoy. Now that the weekend has finally arrived, you are more than excited to spend two might and three long days together.
You have never really toured many wineries before, but you know that when you are with this group it really does not matter what it is you do because you always have a great time.

Wineries Are Perfect Venues for Weddings and Family and Friend Gatherings

Whether you are looking at wedding venues or you simply want a great place to get away for a weekend with your spouse, there are many times when vineyards and wineries are the perfect solution. Although there are many times when you can plan a quick visit and a wine tasting, there are also times when you can plan for an extended event with family and friends who you have not seen in awhile.

If you need any indicator at all of how special wine is to some people, just consider the fact that as many as 949 million gallons of wine were consumed in the U.S. in the year 2016 alone. And while the number grows each year, in 2010 there were 6,941 wineries in the U.S. With this many possibilities, it should also come as no surprise that there is likely a perfect spot available for whatever you are looking for. Whether it is a girls weekend at one of the many wineries in Oregon or a more secluded trip for you and your spouse, it is always fun to spend time outside in the vineyards and then share a glass of a local wine with those you care about the most.

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