How to Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Do you do a lot of cooking under your kitchen fan? Over time, this exhaust hood can get clogged with grease. The fan sucks up the grease-laden smoke up into the hood. The grease particles then get trapped in a filter. If not cleaned periodically, this filter can turn yellow and drip with grease. The simplest option is to hire a commercial kitchen cleaning company to clean out the hood for you. However, in this video, you will learn how to clean your kitchen exhaust hood filter on your own.

Video Source

There are several different ways to clean out the filter. You could use dish soap to dissolve the grease. You could also use a degreasing product or enzyme cleaner. In this video, OxiClean is used. First, fill a bucket with hot water. Then put several scoops of OxiClean in the water. Once you have this solution, place the filter in the bucket for 10-30 minutes. This gives it enough time to break down the grease. You may also want to take a brush and scrub off the rest after the 10-30 minutes is up. It should come off very easily now.


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